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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the thief 13

Facing the witch
The witch went with great scream kidnapped all hearts from their chests. Her assistances followed her making sudden and strong waves, taking off the windows and the doors. The clothes may be torn or slipped. After a while she returned soon with sad face and residual tears at her eyes. She descended silently inverse of her act. She looked sad and silent. The queen said "dear friend…"
The witch interrupted loudly with crying voice "What did you say? I am not friend of any one. I am the enemy to all of you. What you want to see? You want to mock me. You want to rejoice in me. You want to ask me why do I am sad?"
She entered of waves of crying. And returned to say after collecting her power" Why did I cry and those tears cover my eyes?"
"I will respond to satisfy you ".She continued after crying. She sobbed and said" the jinn king promised me to cure my girl, my only daughter" She wiped her tears and continued "he promised me to return her health .All her health to make her a full beauty; full bride and he will marry her to a great jinn in his position and rank. The celebration will be great and famous all over the world. But he didn't"
The attendant said "Why?"
She said "because she dead!"
The queen said "May God help you, and forgive all her faults"
She said with great crying "What? Faults! She was as an angel, she always says to me "don't do bad works!" she always advised me to return to our nation ,and I don't hear her advices . I wish I did. I wish I did"
She cried loudly again. The queen wiped her back to stop her crying. After stopping the king said "what is else the rosy promise you had been promised?"
she stopped of crying and said" Yes, he promised me to marry me and convert me to be one of them"
They said "what?"
The queen said "it is out of mind to be converted to another creature. Did you remember the crow who wanted to convert to the peacock? He shaved all his hair and went to the chef of peacock. The first question was asked that could he sing? He actually couldn't sing as his voice is ugly and he was out. He went to his nation they denied him and fired him"
The witch said "The dream was great, the rosy promise" .She screamed and said" my daughter, my only daughter. Who can return her? Who can return her soul? I swear I will give him what he wants. I will be her slave. I will be her lover, but please"
She screamed "any one of you can return her. She died, died " she vibrated strongly and fell unconscious.
They waked up her
Then she bowed with great crying.
The queen hanged her and moved her hand slightly over her back to stop and try to return her balance. She said" Why don't you ask me the rest of wish?. He promised me to be a queen"
They said "of the two universes the jinn and the human."
She said loudly "Yes"
The queen said "the jinn king fears of his wife and can't divorced her"
The witch interrupted "but he builds for me a great palace in the west south of the earth"
The queen said "no it is the new palace for his wife"
The witch screamed angry and loudly as one tended to the end of his life "nooooo! You are liar"
 The queen said "ask your jinn assistance"
She called him and he entered with his huge head .the two pushed him at his back .They tended to overlap the suite, but she ordered loudly not to do.
She asked the jinn" Did the jinn king love me? Didn't he?"
The jinn moved his mouth without sound. She shouted him "say "yes or no" If you have a mercy shot .do it directly .I lost my only and favorite dream. I lost all dreams"
The jinn said "I will tell after I have the safe"
She shouted "yes I will not hurt you .Tell me now!"
He said "The jinn king loved his wife very very much than any love of that world and he feared of her"
She screamed loudly "nooooo .all laughed at me all want to take off me. I am only his lover . I am only his wish .nooo!"
She crying and saying "all the world mocked me ,noooo. I had done great faults, who will forgive me, who will accept me"
She cried again. The queen said "your God"
 The witch said " What did you say " after wiping her eyes with her long sleeve. She took a handkerchief and wiped her nose.
The queen repeated "Your only God"
The witch said "without any requirements or demands!"
The queen said "without any requirements or demands except your faith. Your faith of him .You obey him .You pray to him. You ask him to forgive your bad faults and try to help what you hurt them by lifting their fair and decreasing the hurt"
She said "What ? Yes I believe at him .I will do all what you said and I will decrease all hurts and first I will wake this poor one and this beauty girl . God may save her .she is like my daughter"
She cried again and wiped her eyes and said" Wash ,masha, great or little .Old or young return the sleeper to wake up"
The thief got up and the princess .all the attendant thanked God and prayed to him .They thanked her very much. They didn't believe themselves. The happiness covered the palace. She said "how can I pray to him?"
The queen said first say after me and she told her some words
The witch said "then"
The queen said "Then go and wash all your body from any fault you have done as you born new "
The witch said "yes ,but before that I must get ride my jailbird from a prison"
She got out but her big jinn assistance abstracted her and shouted" look if you left our habits our religion. That your business .You want to destroy our kingdom laws that is forbidden!"
The witch said "who can forbid me?"
He said "I can"
The facing of the jinn
Her assistance jinn said "I can forbid you. I can prevent you"
She said "Then do what you can. The act not by talking but by doing"
He focused his eyes and got great red rays from it that rode her to sink in the deep ocean and then made a great hole in that deep and put her head for minutes in it. She had no breath .she sighed violently then got her out .She did a sigh and took a great breath as she had no air there. He laughed and said "do you face me? Do challenge me? Then see that and tell your nation if you will live about it".
He swirled her higher, higher that her head was scratched by a cloud and let it fell down. He laughed loudly making the waves and the palace shocked violently. She made waves crying. he said look at his muscles .He left all the palace that make all presents sighed and screamed loudly asking God to help them. Then he let them down .he left the palace again and overlapped it. The chef of the guards ordered them to deal with that enemy .They shot the arrows and the spears at him .They didn't even reach at him .He laughed again that makes the waves vibrated and left higher to the sky. He looked at her and focused his sight at, that make her swam wide in great circle as he still looked at. He laughed loudly .he said "those are who you saved. Look at them .I will make them peaces. He ordered the two stunts to catch them one by one.
The queen screamed "noooo!, please be mercy, please look at them .they are so sick. Can you let them to have their health?"
He laughed again that the windows of the palace that under water was crashed. The stunts came nearer to him asking "who is the first, dear sir?"
He said with small laugh" Ask them! Or I say, say that guy and let the princess to have a time to commit them.
The king said "dear …."
The jinn interrupted him and said "dear what?"t Then he laughed a little law that made the fishes vibrated a little.
He continued "dear what? sir , friend , majesty "
He shouted at his stunts to bring him immediately.
The stunts hurried and caught him strongly and got him out while the thief tried to resist them but he was weak. They caught him facing the jinn. He focused the rays at him .but the thief' jinn said "That is a day
                                              This appears the guy
                                              Who appears truly
                                              The talking about love
                                              Faith and certainly
                                              From his heart
                                             And who talked great
                                             Word and promised a lot
                                             When the time is hard
                                             When the enemy has no heart
                                             The true friend appeared
                                             And try to give a hand
                                             even he got a dead "
Then he moved suddenly towards the two stunts and caught them directly at the jinn rays that shot them and burned them. The witch said" That my turn"
She said "sasha ,masha.  White or black .Light or dark. Kill that one .he pointed at him. He was burned .The great fire got out of him that light under the ocean and his light reached to sky. He screamed loudly and dive at the bottom trying to fire out that burn but the ocean water boiled and the heat lift the temperature that made the palace heated much and some decoration failed at the land.
The decay of his body makes the great jinn comes in directly came in speed.
He asked "who kill our jinn? Who eager to face me .I am the queen assistance and the prime minister of the red jinn kingdom and the minister of the world future king of the world??"


Friday, July 4, 2014

the thief 12

The palace reaching 2
The jinn said to his friend "I do not believe that .How can we dive so easy? I don't believe my eyes"
The thief said "why does he swim so faster than the lightening. He must be away from our land and dived so deeper than imagine. But I can't feel with my body .My lips and skin may be off my body. My hair flew like birds .my clothes will be taken of or torn by those strong waves. Why does he swim at that fast speed? .can you tell him to less his speed?"
The jinn said "I feel that my body will be separated into parts. But the happiest the fishes even the strongest and the biggest fear of us as they can be smashed"
The friend said "look at those fishes they swim away from us and their eyes are filled with tears and terrors."
The jinn said "yeah, yeah, He dived so deepest. His speed is increased. But the waves are heavier than before. We must take care and catch him very firmly as if we let him we will be lost"
The thief said" his speed increased that I can't talk. I can't talk!!!"
The whale dived so deepest and so fastest. They try to call him to decrease his speed But after time , he decreased his speed ,and they saw groups of creatures their carrying things as weapons and they became nearer the jinn called at a whale saying "who are those?"
The whale said "they are the guards and the soldiers of that kingdom"
The thief said "that is mean we reach to the palace"
The jinn said lifting his sound "that's mean we are reach"
The whale said "no, but it is still away!!!"
The guards became nearest and they saw them .They were brides sea.
The jinn said "oh! Dear friend look at these brides they are so so soooo smart .The beauty here as the water .No, no , I can't believe what I see .look they are not beautiful, but they are the most beautiful and they work as guards carrying weapons .Do you believe those?. No, no they must carry no weapons .It is sufficient only sufficient looking to the thief or guilty, he will surrender at once. Weapons they are all life weapons pumps, tanks plane and rockets. I am so jealous from you mankind. You have as these smart and we have none. Why have you these and we haven't?
The thief said "but they aren't human .They are sea brides of fishes and you must have smart more than any creatures"
The jinn said "but you the original, the natural, the fresh, the flesh with natural and we are the photo imitate."
The thief said "mind and patient."
The jinn said "patient. Who? Am I?"
He continued "look at them if I married one of them I will be as the king of the earth. They are so wealth. One  of them like an angel .look ,looook at this blond she is as a star that appears at dark night to lead the looser to his right way ,this white one is as the sun which comes with calm and satisfy ,this back like as the chocolate that is more tasted more loved. No , no I will stay I must be fried to one of these and marry her. This longest here is as…."
The thief pecked him several times at him but he continued" every piaster I will put under her feet .if I marry one; I will be richest on that earth. She is wealth .she worth that entire king and …."
He suddenly looked to his friend and he found the king trying listening to him. He felt with shame and said "dear, majesty, dear I am so sorry .I am sorry. I apologize. Didn't know  ..."
The king said "not mind that's all right" And the king looked at the thief and said "oh! oh !my God .you are ….no you are as , like .You are the imprisoned. But you are human and our prince. he clapped his hands and said" guards take him to the princess' suite."
They were there and the queen entered. When she looked she said" oh my God you get free .We must celebrate. The princess will be cured when she saw you" The princess tried to be waked up but the big lightening was there and the big scream was heard and the dark covered every inch and the biggest head entered the door it filled the livelong door .He was pushed by two stunts jinn and said in anger "who made this loud voice" what is that noise.? What has happened?"
 He looked at the thief' face and said "Oh my God I must tell the witch"
He tried to be out, but he was pushed by the two stunts .aftertime he was returned and a woman entered and looked at the thief and said "how do you get free? .you must be punished .sleep ,sleep . He will die after week."
The thief slept at once. The jinn cried "My friend, my friend "
The king dab the jinn's arm and said "be patient. Come! I will till you up"
The attendance was out. The jinn was up
The explanation
When the big jinn entered the princess' suite, He was pushed at his back by two stunts of jinn that make the suite overturned. He stroked the both of jinn's stunts at their faces to make it up righted. The first said "that you are very heavy my lord!"
The huge jinn looked at him and said "what? Am I huge?", and stroked him.
He faced another and said "Am I huge?
The other stunt said "No, but your head is so huge"
The huge jinn said "what my big head is so terrible"
He looked at him and stoked him saying "my head is so big
I am so light
That can by right
Flying out of sight
I can be so small
Than a smallest ant
I can be big
Than any fig
Imagine what do you see?
Look ,think and see
Am I so free?
The first stunt said" Yes, my master .you are so catty as a model. A fashion model.
 The huge jinn said "what am I as a female .I am knight, warrior .Stupid jinn .you deserved to be of human world not jinn at all. Now can you be silent"
The queen asked him in angry voice "Why are you here?"
The jinn answered "this is a strange question that I must not answer. But as you are an old and direful woman and we do not be ordered to hurt you I will answer. I heard a big struggle here and I was order to see what is on?. So I come and it is clear there is a new guest who is our old Jailbird and it is true our sense true"
The queen said "so you will go and tell your Madame" The best witch"."
The jinn said "of course"
He vanished with his two stunts in seconds there was a noise and big light and the witch was in . The king came running and said" why are you here?"
The witch said "to get bereavement that our prisoner get free .you are so clever and you will get your punishment as you wish .sleep, sleep  again"
Te queen "screamed, no ,no  please let him .he is not the prince .look at him .he is not male bride sea .he is human."
The witch approached and saw "oh! bad wok I had done ,done . I must be punished. But I must ask him "why are you here?. He didn't answer .So he will die after week"
The queen cried and said "please, please .he didn't deserve .be good for one time. Are you having no mercy at your heart .Your heart must be a stone. Or you mustn't have no heart!"
The witch said "you must thanks what you see "GGGod!" as I was not ready to hurt you now"
The king said "Madame. Can we deal an agreement?"
She said "what? .say !"
He said "you will be the queen of that kingdom and you let my princess and prince and that man free and return their health"
She said "oooh! Poor king .Your damned kingdom will be to me after some months ,no some days and I will be .what will I be the big guard?  
They heard a huge and fearing voice said" The queen of universe!"
The king said "what?! What did you say?The queen of whaaat? You aren't beautiful. You are so… "
 She interrupted him and said "So ugly. Not queen of beauty, but the actual queen .what will I be married?"
The huge sound said "the red jinn king"
The king said "at this occasion you may have a prize for your people and give those poor sick their health!"
She said "what? My people .not my people ", and she asked "Who will they be?"
They heard the voice said "your slaves?"
The all said "what? Your salves!"
She laughed a higher laugh made the walls vibrated and the furniture lift and shocked hard and said "by, by my bad slaves!"
She vanished .the queen and the king embraced each other with continuous crying .The jinn stroked him lightly at his shoulder and said "quite, my lord ,quite"
The big female servant embraced the queen and tried to get her calm.
The king and the jinn were out in the dinning suite to feed the visitor and he said "dear majesty!. Can you ask you questions?"
"Of course!" the king answered. He continued "before you asking, I will tell you some answered "you will ask about our astonishment when we see your friend !"
The jinn said "yes! My lord"
The king said "we were living with happy in our kingdom and the two children the princess ,my daughter and the prince my nephew grew with each other .They loved each other and all world knew that the princess will marry the prince .Till that ugly witch appeared as a poor woman .She asked for food and home. I brought her to my palace and feed her and let her live. She had good ideas those made the life in my kingdom so better. But a stranger appeared .she said "that is my brother and he wanted to marry my daughter, the princess. We all refused. So she appeared as worst witch as his brother was dead and she thought he was killed by us she decided to punish us .She made the princess to sleep and imprisoned my prince. The prince looks like your friend at his shape, so when the queen and servants saw him they lost their all their mind and be unconscious. She was promised to marry the red jinn king. But her daughter got sick and the red jinn promised to cure her if she finished or get that kingdom vanished."
The jinn asked "but why didn't she do?"
The queen said" She didn't do as she went the magic diamond which converted the creature to other creature"
The jinn interrupted" do you have this diamond. If you so ,please convert me to be as you"
The king said" No, of course. But we deceive her to get more time to live and to pray to our God to get rid of her"
The jinn said "So she will kill my friend!"
The king "let us pray to God not to do"
The jinn said "oh bad luck!"
The witch came again and said" This is the day before the punishment .what is your wish ?"
The jinn said "his wish you must get him up for a day to eat and drink and see the strange world that is under sea"
The witch said "that is good ,good .i will do "
The jinn said "do you believe you will be the universal queen"
She said "without doubt!"
He said "but he loved his wife and he will not let her."
She screamed "I knew ,but he promised ,he will cure my daughter and marry me !"
He said "But how and he loved his wife and feared from her and he can't cure any person. Can he cure yours?"
The witch looked strange and vanished the hear highest voice saying "my daughteeeeer!"


The thief 11


the deceiver
They stopped facing her and said "would you do what we want?"

The fish said "What do you want?"

The jinn said to the thief "Order her with clear and prompt voice."

The thief said in clear and loud sound" we want to reach to whale's house"

The fish said "what? .it is forbidden. If I reach to it I will be vanished or will be beaten."

"No, no .Ask for another thing or demand!"" the fish said.

The thief said "no, we want this demand!"

The fish said "but it is danger and ……"

The thief said "do it !"

The fish said "if you want, then come"

They faced her, but she deceived them and swallowed them at one mouth. They descended to her stomach that was very dark tat one can't see his hand and moved very terrible to digest them hurry. The jinn said "where are you? . Do still live?"

The thief laughed loudly and said "yes, yes"

The jinn said "why are you laughing?"

The thief said "because this fish mocked two completely and minded guys so easy"

The jinn said "you are right. but we want to be out of her in fast or will we be digested so fast. Have you the rods "

The thief said "theee roooods !, oooh nooo .but I will ,will .there is wood rod. Take it ." The jinn said" wait ,wait .talk to reach you."

The thief talked loudly till the jinn found him. They were caught and the jinn said with crying "thanks God we can't be away again!. Give me the rod. Now ,we want to get smocks from this rod .but how?"

The thief said "I know to have a fire we must have three things a fire ,air and the material which is easy to be burnt , and we have one thing the wood"

They were circled circles in her abdomen

The jinn said "we must act very fast or we will be digested! I will do. He caught the stomach skin with his legs and let the thief hanged by his hair . He said "I will surround this rod by my hands and try to get air and burn this rod by my breath"

He did and he succeed the fire hurt him and it burnt his hands that made him threw the rod away that hurt the fish made her returned what she swallowed?
They were out and the jinn said" Let me kill this deceiver"
He flew higher and brought two big clouds and faced her who were chased them and he made the two clouds crashed at her face that made great lightening. Then, he cut one of his hair that hurt him strongly and caught her from one of her back needle and directed her to the clouds. She cried "please , let me and I will do all your orders "
The thief said "No, no we will kill you. We want nothing"
The fish said "I swear with my god, I will head you to the whale"
She moved in hurry and they followed her by catching that hair.
They reached him and she said "that him, can you let me go!"
They said "no before we get a truth, you may lie again"
She said "no ,not knock that door as I am here .he will eat me . "
The thief said "it is so simple, hide before that rock and we will still catch you. If you say the truth we will let you go .If it is false you will die"
They knocked the door and they found a big ,big fish..

The palace reaching
The door was opened and a big whale was out. He said " who wants me?. Who angers me?
Who wants to change my life
Who wants to show my hate
Who wants to see my heart
When it gets anger and hard
Who wants to make me
Forget every word
I had remembered
When I saw the complete moon
And its light and bright
I rearrange words
And begin to sing
The bell was ring
So loud annoying
Me when I desired
To hear my love
Truly from heart
Without doubt indeed
Who wants to be trained
By my power in a ring
The looser will be out
Of life not only a ring
He looked at them and said loudly "worst day at your life that is. What do you want ?"
The thief said with feared voice "in fact, if you permit, we want to get to the fair king?"
The Whale said "what is the danger to come here?"
He suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed them .
They settled at his stomach which moved very speed to get them digested.
The thief laughed loudly and said "o! Secondly, we must so delicious to be wanted to eat"
The jinn said "where are you?"
The jinn said "here ,I will sing and you follow my sound "
They met again as they can't see anything.
The jinn said "Do you have any rod?"
The thief said" no. not any one"
The jinn said "I must use my magic power "
Then he converted his nails to sharpener needles and began to dig in his stomach that made him struggle .the jinn said "he will extract us. So you must catch me strongly as he will try to punish or get us in again"
The whale struggle and extracted them from his back. He lift his tail trying to hurt them but the jinn caught the thief and swam at speed under the water and they moved in sharp at right then they flew up .he saw them .he pushed a higher wave water from his mouth to push them down but the jinn avoided them .the jinn tended to face him ,but the thief told him a plan that made the jinn hurried to the beach and caught stones and he run facing the whale .he stretched his arms and put stones firmly in the opened whale's eyes those makes him blind. The whale screamed" my eyes ,my eyes. I can't see ."The jinn hurried and put the stone at one whale's ear and the thief at the other ear
The whale struggled angry and moved at every sides with violently move as he feared to be blind.
The thief sad to him "you wanted to be blind and deaf. Then you must not do our desire "
The whale said "blind and deaf…do you mean I can see again."
The thief said "of course and if you do not want you may be also deaf"
The whale said "blind and deaf . Do you know what do those mean?
Mean I will be like a big ice mount that every one wants to get ride .I will be as an old one who loves the life but even the life hate everything belongs to him. Do you know what do those mean?
This mean I will be ejected from home and my children will play with me as a game.
I will be wished to be dead to eat me and get useful parts from my body
I will be as a stone
That fell to the earth
Without done
He has no use
Except to be thrown
Even the stone has done
Building a high dam
Or higher building
He can converted to wealth
And I will be no worth
I will desired to get death
Hurry and in faith
He prayed to the God
To ruin him in a moment
That comes now not late"
The thief said "what did you say ?. Your god ?!do you believe in God ,so swear you will do our wish and we try to return your sight "
The whale said "true . I swear with my God .the only god I will reach you at any point even it was beyond the seventh earth"
The thief said "without any deceive or mock"
The whale repeated "without any deceive or mock"
The thief got out from his ear and mounted to his friend to get of the stones from eyes and the ear.
The whale saw again .he jumped ,jumped higher as a small child and cried saying
"Oh! Thanks my god ,thanks my god."
The thief said "we do what you want ,so you must do what we want"
The whale said "yes master! What do you want ?"
The thief said "to reach s to the fair king "
    The whale screamed loudly that made the thief's heart fell to the earth" what ? The king's palace. That is end of my life .The big jinn queen will hurt me. No, no my friend wish another wish!"
The thief said "remember you swear with your God!"
The whale said "she will destroy my life .she can even reach top my grave and act bad things with my corpse."
The thief said "refuge to your God"
 The whale said "yes ,yes ,but she is so harm and . I will reach you and take my family and run "
He ordered "now catch my back firmly. The jinn caught his friend and they were completely dived