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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The thief 19

The king cried “my eyes , my eyes”
The two jinn tied his two pigtails with a dived ship. When he tried to get up the ship hurt him at his back. He got down again the two jinn “the ugly ,the thief friend” covered the king’s leg with mud. He tried  to get ride of them . they put the mud over his body. The king jinn got angry.  He screamed loudly. He got up suddenly lifting his body and legs suddenly, but the ship swung widely and hurt him violently at his back made him fallen at the bottom of the sea. They followed him. The thief friend’s jinn put the thief at the king’s ear.
The thief laughed loudly ,made him felt as the land vibrated. He asked him “where is the key of the magic that tied the bride princess’ of the sea?”
He said “what?”
The jinn entered followed by the  ugly jinn who got fire at the ear’s entire. The king’s jinn laughed loudly as some one made him laughed. The ugly jinn tried again, that hurt the king’s jinn. He said in low voice “what do you want?”
The thief talked at the magnified shell “now it is your end”
The king’s jinn said “be more  merciful and forgive me”
The thief said” where the key that can get ride the magic of the sea princess’ bride?”
The king said “at the west of the sun sunset”
They asked what is her shape?”
He answered “ a big white fish with black tail”
They swam till they reached . They called at her”
She got out ,big and heavy . she said with  a coarse sound “what do you want?”
The thief said “the key of the magic of the princess of the princess sea’s bride!”
‘Who sent you “she asked
The thief said “the jinn’s king”
She said “himself “
The thief said “himself “
She said “a moment”
She went and returned with a trap. She threw over them. They were all trapped.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The thief 18

He fell down to the land, and tried to avoid hurting his friend. The queen laughed as the thunder waves .They thought that those high stars were transported from their places. The queen spread her hair and took both of them, lifting them high and tried to hurt them. The ugly jinn saw what's going on, and could saw his friends falling down .he hurried and caught them .she screamed "no. That's longest battle with ugly guys as you'
She flew over them. The thief said to ugly get me a magnifying shell. The both jinn dived and searched at the bottom of the ocean. The ugly jinn found one and when they tried to get up, they found her with ugly and big face over them, and she put them at her mouth. The thief's friend jinn cried. While the thief was annoyed he looked up. He said to the ugly jinn "what are these winds?, where do they come from?'
The ugly jinn said" I don't know…"
The thief friend's jinn said to the ugly jinn "follow me'
He followed him. The thief friend's jinn waited .He saw a great winds as a waves came in and others were out.
He said 'it must be Inspiration and Exhalation. He waited till the Inspiration occurred.But the inpiration occure. so ,they were resisted by winds,those threw them away. but the jinn carried his friend over his back ordering to catch his hear strongly.he could hardly catctch the inside queen nose's hair,and so did the ugly jinn.after the inpiration finished. He flew with his utmost speed and he could be out and so did the ugly jinn. The thief said" let me be in at her ear with that magnified shell."
His friend said "no,"
The thief said "please, let me in!"
The thief friend's jinn put him; he caught her inner ear's hair and clamped it strongly. Untill he reached her ear's  drum. He put a magnifier shell and said'" An awful jinn"
He continued "how can you dare to face me, how can dare doing that you and your  ugly husband, come in and  flew down. Till that bottom and then entered at that bottom narrow hole and be in" His jinn friend was hurry and put a box that was being opening.
She tried to tell him by weaken voice to forgive her he said "no"
she said "Who are you?"
he said "I am your bad wok"
She said "who"
He answered " i am what you did"
She tried to argue him but he refused.
She laughed ,but the thief laughed loudly. he made a terrible waves, made  her agree. 
She flew down , the thief's jinn got hia friend from her ear .She suddenly was at the box which was closed. The thief jinn said "we come back again'
The king tried to dive to discover what's going on at the bottom .The ugly jinn got out and caught the sword and followed him with high speed. He saw a big rocket there, he could turned around . the thief's jinn caught the sword and the ugly jinn got fire from his mouth that was reflected at the sword's face. the thief friend's jinn put the sword  facing his eyes
He said " dear majesty "
The king opened his eyes, and the rays reflected at him.
He said 'my eyes, my eyes" 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

the thief 17
The king and the two friends
One of jinn who is called “The ugly jinn” knew the story from the beginning. So, he wanted to help the two friends. He said to himself " Oh! He knew that guy" he approached and he found him his last friend .he embraced him and cried . They were forgetting the surrounding enemies.
The king  got nearest and tried to hurt the ugly jinn and the thief .but the friend's jinn hurried and left him up from his caught. He screamed with anger and followed them . The ugly jinn wiped his eyes and said "why does he do so?"
The thief said "Because they help the witch to get the princess cure from her paralyze."
He continued "they wanted her to be at that matter till the last"
The ugly jinn screamed " no "and said to them " do you have a plane ?"
They answered "What?!"
He said "A plane to overlap ,beat them and mock them!"
They said "no!"
The jinn king got nearest and tried to catch the friend jinn. He ran away with the thief . He focused his rays towards them and they flew and fell down to the earth.
The jinn king and the ugly king followed them .The jinn king caught them and flew up higher ,higher and tried to threw them down with his complete power. The ugly jinn got down them and hardly carried them by his arms and they fell down and stuck the earth with much  more light than without that faith jinn. The three fell unconscious. Then they saw themselves flew up .the ugly jinn could see the ear of the king’s jinn .He caught it and bit it harmfully. The carrying jinn who is the minister screamed loudly and tried to get ride them .So they were in the air .they caught each other, but the jinn king tried to attack at their back which made the  ugly jinn said "pay your attention"
They faced him
The ugly jinn said " worst and unfair jinn. Didn't I say if I saw you I will revenge you.
The jinn king laughed and said "the broken stone feared the complete stone . Isn't a joke?!"
The jinn’s guard approached and said " look  dear majesty! What  a matter?
He looked to the ugly Jinn and said ’We want those two .Both of them .Be away for your safe, you sons and daughter. Your lovely wife"
He cried "my daughter, the king kidnapped her and take her as a slave in his palace"
The news made the king anger and tried to punish that jinn
He said to the jinn king "is that true?"
He didn't answer . after while he said "but she was dead"
The queen was anger at her prison of her daughter. She screamed loudly” unfaithful, person ,shame on you, ugly guy, how can you? How do you dare to do that awful? You mock me. Why?”
The king’s jinn looked around and knelled while he is flying ,kneeling at his knees and said with weaken matter “dear majesty, forgive me or I will kill my self?’
She said ‘for what?’
The thief’s friend wanted to fish at spoil water . He said to the queen ‘he loved the witch and promised her to marry and….”
The prime minster  said “shut up or I will make your mouth closed for ever”
The thief laughed and said
I will put you at black fish
Swirled every day
Makes your head away
Or I put you at a whale
Travel through seven seas
Those are back and away
I will put you at bird
Which flay at high
And extract you at a root
Greeting an enormous tree
You will be there under it
For the last day”
The jinn prime Minster felt with danger he closed his mouth.
The queen “what awful crimes do you want to do?’
The king collapsed himself and become more comic that makes the attendant laughed loudly without control “dear majesty , all you heard was lies”
 She said “what .you wanted to marry the witch, you build to her that palace and you kidnapped more and most beautiful girls at your palace and for What?’
”the thief friends was telling her at low sound and she repeat after him”
he said and stretched his back “ forgive me it was fault, I will not return to it  "
she said ‘ if  I am out and free, I will show you your business’
he said where are you ?”
at polite voice.
The jinn’s thief found it is a chance to see the battle between two couples ,so he let her free”
She flew towards the king she stroke him hard and he was not return her stokes and then they whispered .they smiled .they embraced and returned their faces towards them with red eyes and dangerous faces.
The thief said with frightened and fear voice to his friend "you made a big mistake to…. “
He found himself flew over the clouds and they were all crashed over the head queen. The ugly and thief’s jinn did that
The king focused his eyes towards them but the thief friend’s jinn carried one big ice cloud and used it as a protector. But it was smashed into paces . he flew up and down and found a brilliant sword he said loudly’ if I could approach it I will do miracles’
The thief heard him and said ‘let me down!”
The thief friend’s jinn said ‘no, you may be killed”
The thief said “please”
The thief with acrobatic method reach to the sword . Unfortunately the king’s jinn saw him. he focused his rays towards the thief finding it great chance to get ride of one of his dangerous enemy
His friend said ‘prevent that rays by using that sword!”
The thief did and the rays were back to the king who fell into the earth
The thief was also fell down


Friday, August 15, 2014

The thief 16

The facing
‘Now can you face me and my team .my honest prime minister and my lovely wife “the jinn’s queen. Who dares to face us?. Who dares to face our kingdom? . he will be nothing.’
They looked at each others “the thief and his jinn friend “the thief collected his power and said ‘yes , we are the other team ,but we don’t dare you ..We wanted to be your friend ‘
The king said ‘who ?you wanted to be my friend .That’s wrong. We will play that game to be more fair. Now let’s play it.’
The jinn said to his friend ”Let’s do it. There is no way . e will do it. Be confident with your God and yourself”
The thief said ‘but they are more powerful than ours”
The jinn’s friend said  ‘Don’t worry ,with faith and honest we can get over them’
The jinn king said ‘Oh! You fear of death. I will make die without any  hurt’
The thief said ‘I fear you will be the dead’
The king said ‘me!”
He laughed loudly. The water in the deepest ocean vibrated so strongly. It made a higher waves .the king said ‘so let’s play that game’
The king ,his wife’ the queen’ ,and the prime ministers of the jinn’s kingdom were steady and ready. The attacked the others’ the thief and his friend’
The jinn’s friend put a thief on his back and tied his tail with run.
The king said ‘catch them!”
He ordered his prime minister to show them his power .
He followed them .the jinn’s friend could entered the mouth of octopus in hurry way with his friend on his back. They got out from the side.
The prime ministers of jinn’s kingdom followed them .their smell was bad. They saw sharks they rode it .their enemy caught a shark and threw over them. It fell on the shark they rode . it made them fallen of its back. He laughed so loudly, made all creatures even the wild and huge creatures ran filled with fear. He thought he could catch them ,but the thief’s friend moved at speed movement towards the bottom and caught a big pile of mud and threw at his eyes who made the jinn’s prime Minster lost his vision and felt with pain at his eyes ,made him screamed so loud. They ran faster and swam . he wiped his eyes and followed them .they entered the nearest whale from its back . it hurt him and he extracted them. They faced the jinn’s prime Minster .they screamed loudly, they could dig at the bottom of the ocean .he tried to catch them ,but they escaped. They got out covered with mud. He got out also .they saw him and they screamed again. They swam very fast and he so did. He could catch the jinn’s leg and said ‘that’s end my dearest and laughed made the ocean overlapped. But the jinn caught a snake and threw it at the enemy’ eyes .he feared and let  the jinn’s leg who could swim and entered the ship which was fell at the deepest. The jinn’s prime misters laughed and said at loud speech” this is a mock ,now I will deceive you. He swam with so hurry and saw one window open and the others doors were closed. He made himself so young and little and got ready to enter ,but he returned and enered at other back window and entered through it. The jinn’ thief friend could remark it and but an open small metal box on front of the window . the jinn entered it .The thief’s friend closed it and said to him ‘who laughed now?”
The prime misters ‘ jinn said ‘let me out ,otherwise , I will …..”
But the friend’s jinn said “hushhh ,other wise I will put you at the blue whale stomach and you will never be out”
He stopped of screaming or shouting and said with weak “please do not do!’
If the thief’s friend did that that meant he will be at the box till someone pen it.
The returned to the palace.

The facing the queen jinn "c"
The queen jinn entered the palace and said " what is going on? Where is our big minister ? I can find him and find his kidnapper. She looked angry and said "Who eager to face our kingdom . say ,tell me ? if he has not enough power to tell me he is sorry and let our minister out ,I will not hurt him”
The thief said to the jinn" I will tell her to get the key "
The jinn's friend said "no all jinn are liars"
The queen said " Masters and madams if you don’t tell me now as he is my faithful prime ministers I will hurt you otherwise, tell me the truth e without any hurt’”

 The thief said "I am "
The jinn' queen said "sweet ,sweet boy .you must made by whipped and honey. So you deserve to get a reward "
Do you believe you can run and escape by your ugly doing? Noooo,"
She screamed loudly making every inch in the bodies vibrated loudly. Then she said "get him out , appear him and you will get what you want ,honey"
He said "No ,before I get what I want!"
She said "do you eager to stand against me ? do you eager to challenge me?"
You will get your deserve and you will get out my minister safely"
If you want that water droplets
Convert to be needles
It will be
It will touch your weaken body
And get out your honey
Your blood will be out
If you want that water droplets
Convert to be fire
It will be
And burn your weaken body
And fired your body
That is easy way
 If you want that water droplets
Convert to be wild
Have teeth and mouths
Eating your weaken body
It will be
That is easy way
If you want that water droplets
Convert to be guns
Fired dangerous shots
Hurt your weaken body
It will be
That easy way"
Or my honey I will get you dead. you in a simple way ,you will be hanged by your legs at …, "
But the jinn could disappear and tied her long hair by two big columns of the palace building . Then  the jinn carried his friend away. She completed her words saying" and every one at that damned kingdom hurt you at your back ,you will be unconscious"
She looked at them escaped ordered her guards, assistances and ministers to catch them .
They followed them .
The thief asked his friend where are we going?"
The jinn said "I don't know ,but I search for escape . God may help us "
They still swam and the others jinn followed them .The jinn's queen tried to follow them but she found her hair were tied by these strong and established firmly columns .she screamed loudly "Noooooo" making every creatures in the ocean run away. She could take off these columns by her hair and tried to get out from the suite but one of columns stood widely that made her not to pass . She screamed for help. Some of her guards returned  to help her . She shouted at them "not cut my beauty hair . my husband admired it .If you do ,I will make all of you fish eating"
They changed the rod position and could not untie her hair as she was hurry.
He swam with his friend on his back till they saw a shadow of ship. He swam in hurry as he knew and his friend if they still swam in the wide ocean they might be caught as the others jinn were faster and much more than them.
They could disappear in that ship and have a rest and take their breath. The guards  were on. The jinn's thief friend looked out through the small open . He could see the jinn’s queen approached .bad for her bad luck she approached to the ship's motor wheel .he could swim and tied the her hair to the wheel that made her cycled in hurry. He could convert some water to fire and burned her from her back .
She forget herself . She cried and asked to help . the jinn said "I will burn you at your
Back so easy"
He breathed at her back with hot breath making her scream. He made a fire rod and faced her .he saw her assistances ,soldiers approached and surrounded them .He said to them "if you want your queen a live .Be away"
They are away. He ordered them to go away . he said "my dearest lady "after they were away "if you want be away could you be in that small box .He yelled or you will die . he said "will you be in before you will die"
She got in the small box ,he closed it firmly .the guards try to approach but he said "if you want to loose your queen come to me .if you want her a live let  me and my friend go and don't follow us.
They went to the jinn's king after they have two small medal boxes one for the jinn's minister and the jinn queen